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The Glasshouse fabric and wallpaper from Sanderson is the perfect partner for our botanical inspired interiors range. Our outdoor spaces are so important now for our well being so it makes sense to continue the botanical theme indoors too.
Surrounding ourselves with nature creates calm inspiring spaces.  Our sturdy range of rattan outdoor pots have drainage holes but there are many  also available without holes and are suitable for indoor use.
Let me show you some ideas on how to use them indoors and out.

Rattan Wicker Pots and Planters

Display lavender, herbs or your favourite annuals in this round rattan pot .
The pots all come with a recycled inner pot. The rattan is weathered grey and woven from sturdy stems that withstand the weather. 
Wicker PlantersTake inspiration from Instagram and one of our favourite accounts, Gina from @gnc ​in Denmark. Here you will see how Gina uses baskets outdoors in all seasons . Shown here in lots of different size baskets is the most beautiful display of Spring bulbs . 

Wicker Planters

Gina also shows us how to display evergreen topiary in her rattan planter collection and tulips to add some floral interest Later in the season the outdoor baskets will be filled with hydrangeas and later flowering bulbs.

Large Wicker Planters

Syd and Shea Mc Gee from Studio McGee have become leading lights in the design Industry and are known worldwide for their impeccable taste . Here outside their studio a warm welcome awaits with this beautiful outdoor basket planter and shaped topiary.

Wicker Planters

Here @studiomcgee bring the outdoors in creating a corner of bliss with an indoor plant and basket.

Xlarge Rattan Wicker Planter

Our outdoor basket planters  come in many sizes suitable for small plants to trees. Here olive trees sit proudly softening this outdoor space. Top dress your pot with gravel or bark for a professional look. The rattan planters do not come in to contact with the ground which prolongs the life of the pot. 

Xlarge Rattan Planter

The thickness of the woven stems shown above give our outdoor rattan pots a sturdy framework and rustic look .

Tall Rattan Planter

These rustic indoor rattan pots are perfect for offices , public buildings and homes.  Modern or country interiors both benefit from the introduction of greenery and soften a spac

Medium Wicker Planter/Pot

My  favourite indoor plant kentia palm sit in one of our indoor rattan planters . 
The recycled inner liners in the indoor pots have no holes. These can also be used outdoors but just remember to punch some holes in the bottom of the plastic inner . 

The outdoor pots will benefit from an annual cleaning with mild detergent and will love to be left to dry out.  We love to use them outdoors all year round with evergreen flowering shrubs like Camelias and in summer with Hydrangeas. Our summer pots are then planted in Autumn with Spring flowering bulbs until its time to take the Hydrangeas out of hiding to show off their full glory.

Wicker Planters
Hydrangea Annabelle and Agapanthus in Ginas stunning garden @gnc.
Top tips for purchasing our outdoor rattan pots and planters.
    • The rattan pots are available in lots of sizes here . 
    •  We recommend you use a measuring tape when purchasing as the images are not a true reflection of pot size .
    • Delivery in 2 weeks approx. (See notes on our online shop for individual lead times)
    • Our rattan pots and planters are great value and and the inners are made from recycled materials . 
    • They sell out fast but we try and replenish stock regularly (transport and health restrictions permitted)
    • If you require a large number of pots contact us directly to arrange the best transport costs . 

Thanks to Gina from Denmark ( @gnc ) and the  lovely team at Studio McGee (@mcgeeandco) USA for permission to share their images with you. ​ Give them a follow for endless inspiration .

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Happy Spring planning . Brighter days ahead. 

Paula x

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